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Guess who’s back!

It’s me.

second day in a row. I deserve a go’dam’medal!

Last night I had a long complicated dream that included an art gallery, a bar, me punching a girl from school, Pamela Anderson pulling my hair which resulted in me pulling off her wig, me getting hit by a car, drink driving and brakes failing… I woke up angry and confused. It didn’t help I was waking up for work.

*disclaimer: I actually like Pamela in real life, practically best fray frays.

After such an eventful night, work seemed mediocre. The morning moved VERY slowly which was made better by this panini. Aubergine, courgette, aquafaba cheese and spinach. So very tasty!


This afternoon we went out to visit Tewksbury, An old medieval town not far away, it was great, music blaring (Peter Andre’s- Mysterious girl) and lots of dancing. We got the guys some Fish and Chips to take home, just as we are getting out of the car, the heavens open. Torrential rain!

I am meant to be riding my bike home, it isn’t looking hopeful.

Luckily the thunder and lightening decide they have had enough fun and dissipated. This means I get to ride my bike home, looking like a pleb in the process. (my eyes aren’t this wonky in real life… I hope)

Once I am home I get to spend some time playing with Eugene and Lola,

She is such a slut for him. He doesn’t care.

Tonight’s bedtime movie is “The Parole Officer” one of my favourite movies. A Parole officer is witness to a murder and has to rob a bank with ex-clients of his, hilarity ensues, a young Lena Heady stars alongside Steve Coogan.  I highly recommend!

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Yeah My bad…

So I have missed a couple of days!

I’m sorry (not that anyone will be too bothered). I had aimed to make a post every day, but I had a really busy day at work on Friday, then it was the weekend and I found any excuse not to post. I did end up going blackberry picking with my nephews and we managed to get quite a haul, the ones we didn’t eat, I have frozen for smoothies, and an apple and blackberry crumble if I can manage to steal some apples from the in-law’s tree. This is why I LOVE summer

But I’m back!! *Hoards of applause*

Today consisted of a sourdough pizza, Aquafaba cheese and BBQ sauce. Don’t be jealous, you should be though.

Honestly, a pizza stone was one of the best gifts I have ever received. This pizza took no time to prepare and with the homemade “mozzarella” this treat never fails to make me happy!

This evening we went to a pub quiz, I am a sucker for trivia!

we came third out of 14 but we did get a book about crystals and healing as a booby prize, We were… thrilled?

All in all it has been a pretty good long weekend, but I am back to work tomorrow, hopefully, it will be just as good, I am sending out positivity out into the universe. If that doesn’t work, I could always rely on my new crystal based knowledge.




I Can Adult. 

I have Lost my keys. Ba Dum, 

Sadly not a joke. I am laughing though. My incapability to be a “responsible” adult is something I haven’t really faced. It is definitely looming over me lately, my lack of organisation and irresponsibility is becoming more and more apparent as I begin to enter my mid twenties. When I was younger I assumed that it was a phase I would eventually grow out of and, one day, fully emerge into a grown man who has his shit together: see photo for reference. 

I however am the opposite: 

Ollie found my keys next to the microwave, Tss 



Day 4-Developing My Eye


The inspiration for today.

Personally I think “ignorance is bliss” is a great saying, I’m not sure how to transpose that to a visual medium though.

I thought more about when I feel bliss and I realised it is when I am able to shut of the world and be alone,ignorant to the world, with Lola on her walks. We are lucky to live somewhere that has a countryside walk seconds from our front door.

This is my Bliss.

tree blissIMG_9539-Editfeild blissblackberriesIMG_9523-Edit



The ideal person. 

I have been told to make a post about my “ideal audience”. Taking a short while to think about it, and realising I’m self obsessed, my ideal audience is people like me.

The people who have short attention, think they are the funniest people they know. People who have the intentions to be the best they can be ,but fall short and is, mostly, ok with it.

Somebody who feels strongly about the importance “gay culture” but also feels a disassociation with it, a Vegan that loves the outdoors, but also loves to be in a dark room, imersed in a technological overload.

This blog will be for you. For me. For us.(it is so cringey saying that)




Day 3- Developing My Eye ‘water’

This morning when I saw that Water was my assignment for the day, I started to worry a little, Where am I going to find any water near by? Am I going to have to take a photo of my taps?, and then I remembered, The Docks!

I got to work and I went on a little outing to Gloucester Docks and this is what I managed.

docks waterdocks- water

I tried to focus on using the “rule of thirds” in these photos.

The first one I have done a poor job of editing, I wanted to up the contrast and make it all moody and grumpy, it ended up just looking really low quality.

Let me know what you think


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Food For Today!


Last night I went to watch the new Planet of the Apes film (6.7/10 it was ok, it took ages to get to a disappointing end. When they say war for the planet of the apes, I expected more explosions) It was late by the time I got back but Ollie was a little anxious about him getting his exam results this morning (Tax accountancy exams… soooo boring, but he passed!). Before crawling into bed I whipped up some overnight oats so I didn’t have to think about what to have in the morning, Past me can be conscientious sometimes.



Some chia seeds, oats, chia rhubarb jam, oat milk and a little maple syrup. So simple, So tasty!

I had the Chia rhubarb jam left over in the fridge, from making it last week, and I needed to use it up, this was the perfect recipe. It’s hearty and filling, on a grey overcast day like today, it is just what I need to kick start my day.

I have my obligatory 2 Psyllium husk capsules and a litre of water, take Lola out for a walk, then spend some time in the garden before I have to mentally prepare myself to go to work in a few hours…

The daily prompt from The daily post is “Soil” rather fitting as gardening was one of my objectives for today…

Here is a tour of my garden, I used to love MTV cribs, any excuse to pretend I am just like the rich and famous.

Okay, so, less of a tour than a few photos of some pretty flowers. and Lola, still no reason to complain.

Lunch was a COMPLETE FAILURE. I had some Soya beans in the freezer that I have been meaning to make into a burger for a while now. I defrost them, chuck them together with some diced onions and spices, fry them off and shove them in a sandwich.

It didn’t taste great, it fell apart and was just an all round failure. very sad.

On a more positive note, I remembered I bought some mint chocolate for a treat, I was in need of cheering up and this did the trick!

The afternoon has been pretty chilled, I got to wander around the Docks, trying to take some photos of the water. Make sure to check it out

Dinner ended up being something a bit naughty, after all, we are celebrating the exam results. Dinner was A Chinese takeaway, I had vermicelli and salt and pepper tofu with some curry sauce slathered over the top. I ate way too much and regret everything. Totally worth it though.

We spent the rest of the evening listening to “My Dad Wrote A Porno” (A hilarious podcast everybody should be listening to), A great evening in!