Past,Present and Future me.

This may be a bit abstract but I tend to think of myself as three separate people. Past me, Present me and Future me. Each of the “me’s” have their own ideas and agendas.

Past me: He is selfish. He has little or no regard for Present or Future me. He is the selfish arrogant one who dishes everything out and let’s other people deal with it.

Present me: He is the punchbag. He is the one who has to deal with all the crap that Past me causes. The gluttony and sloth. He has to pick up the pieces and feel the guilt and shame for what has happened.

Future me: He is the optimist. He sees the world for what it can be. He truly believes that it will all work out and be better, eventually. He is also naive enough to think that the other two will do their part. He will be able to reap the rewards without having to put in any of the work.

Trying to get these three selfish men to work together in one body is hard work. I am not even sure if it is possible. Other people seem to have it all together and work as a team. Why can’t I? I can do it? right? We can do it? …right?

I don’t think this is something that anybody can achieve instantly ( however much Future me wants it)

It is something I can strive to achieve.

One day.


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