22 miles.

We had been talking about this for the last week, I had assumed it was just “chat”, but, no, this was something we actually did.(makes a nice change)

It turns out I still need to ride my bike 5 miles to get to our meeting point, sweaty.

Once we got going, we soon realised that our bike seats were not as comfy as we initially thought. Every chance I got I made us all stop so we could have a Blackberry break, Needless to say, riding alongside hedgerows, we got our fair share, and me we, I mean me. I can’t get enough!

We got to our destination in only forty-five minutes, we were expecting over an hour at the pace we were moving, I think we did try and ride a little faster to get to the pub once it started to spit with rain, what a waste of time that was. We got to the pub thirty minutes before it opened so we ended up sitting on some benches outside, in the rain, waiting for the doors to open so we could get some lunch.

Lunch for me was the typical vegan special, chips. Why is that places still don’t offer vegan options? most places in the UK are pretty good at offering something other than chips, but sadly, this place ain’t one of  ’em.

After we finished our food, we put off riding back home as long as possible, rain was the main reason. The skies have been trying to pour down on and off most of the morning and we were getting closer and closer to being soaked in the downpour. In the end, we bite the bullet and rode on, only getting damp, at best, in the process.

All in all, a good morning.



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