Is It Too​ Much To Ask For Perfection?

I will start this post by saying, I am very appreciative of peoples efforts and I know I don’t deserve special treatment, but, that doesn’t stop me wanting it.

For the last month or so, I have been wanting to go to a pub with, prepare yourselves, A whole menu of vegan options, I know, I am just as excited as you are.

A thirty-minute drive to a little village, the first thing we see is an area of new build housing, we googled the prices and the starting price for a three-bed house was £399,995, obscene. Once we arrived at the pub we pull into the car park and notice that there are some Tesla car chargers. At a pub.In the middle of nowhere. we are clearly out of our league here. We go inside and we are greeted by a lovely girl who showed us to our table,  we ordered Pepsis and perused the menu.

The fact that I had not just one or two choices on the menu, like I am used to, overwhelmed me. The choice of starters were, Tomato soup with brown bread and crispy croutons, A garlic bread, A salad with Orange dressing and curried chickpeas.

I opted for the Tomato soup, I should have gone for the Garlic bread. I came with some real butter packets, which was a nice touch but wasted on me. The soup itself was pretty good, I felt it needed a little more seasoning so I chose to add some pepper, little did i know that the pepper pot on the table contained… White pepper, it makes everything it touches taste like mouldy ass. I didn’t check before I sprinkled, it was too late. Luckily it didn’t ruin the soup too much, but there was definitely an undertone I regretted, like I said, this wouldn’t have happened if I had chosen the garlic bread. I only have myself to blame.


The choice for the main course was easier than the starter. I had always loved lasagne when eating out as a veggie and I can finally enjoy one in the wild once again, I wasn’t disappointed. Let me extend that sentence a little, I wasn’t disappointed with the lasagne it was delicious, I was, however, sad I didn’t get a side of chips to go with it. I stole a couple of chips from ollies plate and they were some of the best I had ever had. I have a classic case of F.O.M.O we will have to come back soon to make up for this.


Dessert, the main reason for coming here. I saw that they did a Lemon meringue pie with aquafaba meringue. This is a dish I miss. There was no point in even looking at the other options because I was set on having this. The tangy lemon centre, the sweet pastry and the marshmallow meringue a perfect dish. When the plate was brought to the table, I was deflated. The meringue wasn’t the stiff peaks I had expected, there weren’t the charred ridges I was dreaming of, instead, I received a flat, half torched froth. Is the perfect vegan meringue so impossible to achieve? I judged too soon. The pie was delightful, really soft crumbly sweet pastry and a tart centre, needless to say, I inhaled it.

With full bellies and £60 later we make our trek home, to the more affordable life. Even though I moan and groan, I did have a great time and loved my meal, I am hoping to go again soon and try the rest of the menu, a novelty for the vegans.

I purposely haven’t named the pub because I don’t want to leave them with a review that isn’t 100% at the moment it is at  80% and that may be purely down to me being picky. I will get back to you the next time we go though.



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