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Guess who’s back!

It’s me.

second day in a row. I deserve a go’dam’medal!

Last night I had a long complicated dream that included an art gallery, a bar, me punching a girl from school, Pamela Anderson pulling my hair which resulted in me pulling off her wig, me getting hit by a car, drink driving and brakes failing… I woke up angry and confused. It didn’t help I was waking up for work.

*disclaimer: I actually like Pamela in real life, practically best fray frays.

After such an eventful night, work seemed mediocre. The morning moved VERY slowly which was made better by this panini. Aubergine, courgette, aquafaba cheese and spinach. So very tasty!


This afternoon we went out to visit Tewksbury, An old medieval town not far away, it was great, music blaring (Peter Andre’s- Mysterious girl) and lots of dancing. We got the guys some Fish and Chips to take home, just as we are getting out of the car, the heavens open. Torrential rain!

I am meant to be riding my bike home, it isn’t looking hopeful.

Luckily the thunder and lightening decide they have had enough fun and dissipated. This means I get to ride my bike home, looking like a pleb in the process. (my eyes aren’t this wonky in real life… I hope)

Once I am home I get to spend some time playing with Eugene and Lola,

She is such a slut for him. He doesn’t care.

Tonight’s bedtime movie is “The Parole Officer” one of my favourite movies. A Parole officer is witness to a murder and has to rob a bank with ex-clients of his, hilarity ensues, a young Lena Heady stars alongside Steve Coogan.  I highly recommend!


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