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Yeah My bad…

So I have missed a couple of days!

I’m sorry (not that anyone will be too bothered). I had aimed to make a post every day, but I had a really busy day at work on Friday, then it was the weekend and I found any excuse not to post. I did end up going blackberry picking with my nephews and we managed to get quite a haul, the ones we didn’t eat, I have frozen for smoothies, and an apple and blackberry crumble if I can manage to steal some apples from the in-law’s tree. This is why I LOVE summer

But I’m back!! *Hoards of applause*

Today consisted of a sourdough pizza, Aquafaba cheese and BBQ sauce. Don’t be jealous, you should be though.

Honestly, a pizza stone was one of the best gifts I have ever received. This pizza took no time to prepare and with the homemade “mozzarella” this treat never fails to make me happy!

This evening we went to a pub quiz, I am a sucker for trivia!

we came third out of 14 but we did get a book about crystals and healing as a booby prize, We were… thrilled?

All in all it has been a pretty good long weekend, but I am back to work tomorrow, hopefully, it will be just as good, I am sending out positivity out into the universe. If that doesn’t work, I could always rely on my new crystal based knowledge.




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