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Food For Today!


Last night I went to watch the new Planet of the Apes film (6.7/10 it was ok, it took ages to get to a disappointing end. When they say war for the planet of the apes, I expected more explosions) It was late by the time I got back but Ollie was a little anxious about him getting his exam results this morning (Tax accountancy exams… soooo boring, but he passed!). Before crawling into bed I whipped up some overnight oats so I didn’t have to think about what to have in the morning, Past me can be conscientious sometimes.



Some chia seeds, oats, chia rhubarb jam, oat milk and a little maple syrup. So simple, So tasty!

I had the Chia rhubarb jam left over in the fridge, from making it last week, and I needed to use it up, this was the perfect recipe. It’s hearty and filling, on a grey overcast day like today, it is just what I need to kick start my day.

I have my obligatory 2 Psyllium husk capsules and a litre of water, take Lola out for a walk, then spend some time in the garden before I have to mentally prepare myself to go to work in a few hours…

The daily prompt from The daily post is “Soil” rather fitting as gardening was one of my objectives for today…

Here is a tour of my garden, I used to love MTV cribs, any excuse to pretend I am just like the rich and famous.

Okay, so, less of a tour than a few photos of some pretty flowers. and Lola, still no reason to complain.

Lunch was a COMPLETE FAILURE. I had some Soya beans in the freezer that I have been meaning to make into a burger for a while now. I defrost them, chuck them together with some diced onions and spices, fry them off and shove them in a sandwich.

It didn’t taste great, it fell apart and was just an all round failure. very sad.

On a more positive note, I remembered I bought some mint chocolate for a treat, I was in need of cheering up and this did the trick!

The afternoon has been pretty chilled, I got to wander around the Docks, trying to take some photos of the water. Make sure to check it out

Dinner ended up being something a bit naughty, after all, we are celebrating the exam results. Dinner was A Chinese takeaway, I had vermicelli and salt and pepper tofu with some curry sauce slathered over the top. I ate way too much and regret everything. Totally worth it though.

We spent the rest of the evening listening to “My Dad Wrote A Porno” (A hilarious podcast everybody should be listening to), A great evening in!





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