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Day 2- Developing My Eye

Day 2! It feels like I started this challenge only yesterday (I hated that joke as much as you but I couldn’t resist. Low hanging fruit and all that)

Today’s assignment- “Street” – Establishing shot.

I have a few places in mind already. I am really lucky living in a city (I use that term very loosely) which has such history ridden streets I can exploit for artistic liberty.

I could go for the obvious choice and admire the grandeur of Gloucester Cathedral, a stunning building built 500 years ago, it looms over the city and can be seen from most points in the city centre. Gloucester Docks is a great spot for photo opportunities, the old warehouses dotted along the edge mixing, almost, seamlessly into the modern age shopping centre.


It’s the second day and I’m already making excuses, After hyping up the Cathedral and docks I didn’t get the opportunity to snap any photos of them. I did, however, manage to get a photo of a really quaint little alleyway (it counts as a street right?) that has always been fascinating to me, in the middle of the city this little hidden gem has old tea rooms, a shop full of incense and the Beatrix Potter shop, it feels like a tiny Diagon alley.

I hope you enjoy this shot.

pilgrims street.jpg




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