Simple Sunday

Today we were looking for something to occupy our day with, we ended up finding out that there was a food festival going on, 5 minutes down the road!

We walked the dog and got ready to leave, very excited as I read that there would be a local vegan bakery showing up and selling treats. It was on a local farm and we drove up the long driveway, passing the most stereotypically English cottages I have ever seen. We parked up and the first some stalls were outside a big barn, I clocked that a few had “vegan” on the menu so I crept over to see what they were selling.

The first was “Marinades” a local Caribbean restaurant, they are frequently at the farmers market in the centre of Gloucester. When I get anything from them, it is usually the sweet potato curry and dumplings, if I am feeling extra flirty I get some deep fried plantain as well. As I have gotten food from them before, pretty much anytime I get the opportunity, I thought I would get something new (this time at least, their food is so so so tasty!)

The next stall was Niangs a local Thai street food stall which sold a Vegan yellow curry and vegan noodles, I asked for the curry but they told me they didn’t have any left, luckily I wasn’t disappointed with the noodles, it was a great second choice.


Rice noodles with onions and peppers, some sweet and sour sauce and finished with some coriander and green chillis. 8/10

Once I had wolfed down the noodles we went inside the barn,IMG_9372

The barn was full of stalls all around the edges selling local foods, pies, chocolates, beer, gin, cheese, they had loads of choices (very few vegan though).

we had a look around and Ollie was tempted by pretty much everything we walked by, admittedly it all looked really tasty.

After we finished walking around I realised the thing I was looking forward to seeing, the vegan specific bakery, they weren’t here. Very sad. I had to cheer myself up by getting some Rhubarb and Ginger cordial  from seasonal cordials

The cordial was really tasty, we decided to make it extra tasty by adding it to some Gin and tonic.

IMG_9377It turned the drink a nice Pink colour which made me feel super “masc for masc”, the rhubarb added a great sweetness and the gentle bit of ginger tingled your mouth a little, it was really pleasant.

We finished pottering around a while longer and decided to go, we stopped off at a farmers market in hopes of finding a spaghetti squash for dinner, sadly they didn’t have any.. something about being out of season, how inconsiderate.

Back home now and working out what to have for dinner this evening, before our Pub Quiz at the Exmouth arms, a really cosy pub with a friendly atmosphere and a great garden to enjoy in the summer, we have even seen some celebrities there, apparently, it was an English cricket player, as you can imagine I was star struck….(I didn’t have a clue)

Wish us luck for the quiz and I will be back with a new recipe in the next few days for a vegan fried egg, in the meantime make sure to check out my last recipe for a satay tofu burger.



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