What I ate today 

Right, so I have done a basic introduction. I think it’s time to put in some content.

I started this blog yesterday on a bit of a whim, so I hadn’t really thought through what my content would be much more than “do some recipes” (I have some in mind I just need to actually document them)

In the meantime, I thought an easy way to start would be to show you what I eat in a day.

So here goes
I started my day with some cream soda water kefir. I will eventually show you how I make this, and other variations.

This is a great way to start the day, it is full of probiotics and electrolytes which really wake you up, and it is a great help for your digestion. As an extra help with digestion, I take 2 psyllium husk capsules which really “move things along”.

As I am not a morning person, I ended up rushing to work and forgetting to bring any lunch with me.

Luckily with my job, I get to go out and about which gives me a chance to get lunch “out”.

Today’s activity was horse riding!

After getting up close and personal, and giving the horse a hug it was time for lunch.

Subway it is. I told myself I would only get a six inch….. I lied

I ended up getting a footlong 9-grain wheat sub with all the salad (extra gherkins) and sweet onion sauce, a side of walkers sweet chilli sunbites and a bottle of water.

…..The Meal Of Kings!


Dinner this evening was something quick and easy. This is my go-to meal as it can be made within ten minutes.

Rice noodles with mixed vegetables in a “just add water” Chinese curry sauce.

When I finish work late, this is my go-to meal. If I don’t have time to make anything elaborate I will always make this as it can be made within ten minutes and is packed full of flavour.


With my meals for the day done I am full up and comfy in bed.

I hope that this “filler” post is enough to interest people to come back and check out my next post planned.

A satay tofu burger in a buttery roll with a side of herby chips. I am planning to get it posted within the next 24 hours so make sure to check back tomorrow!




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